Do you have concerns about onsite server hosting?

Are you considering off site server opportunities?  

Michigan Broadband Services has a secure dedicated data center in Traverse City. 


Our data center is a perfect solution for CPAs, law offices, medical offices, and other businesses looking for an extra layer of assurance in uncertain times. Our data center can serve businesses in any location. 


Despite the initial thought of the cost associated with migrating a data center, this process can ultimately provide cost savings to a company or organization in the long-term. Onsite servers are costly for any business. Maintenance of equipment, trained personnel, and utility bills are only some of the costs associated with on-site servers usually located next to the hot water tank. Cutting the electric bill alone can show big savings, on-site servers often consume an average of 100 times the energy of normal office technology.


Moving data to an updated or modernized data center, either physical or cloud-based, ensures the most up-to-date security measures are in place.  Protecting your data is essential. A data center migration provides the opportunity to assess your current security protocols and procedures. Finding the weaknesses and strengths in your current security is the first step in preventing a breach or break-in.


Data sprawl can be quite a problem. When a company grows faster than its data storage capacity, it can lead to temporary solutions that further convolute processes, therefore decreasing efficiency. Consolidation and migration requires planning and process evaluation. Data center migration allows for a company or business to evaluate their IT systems, requirements, and processes. In doing so, it is possible to weed out inefficiencies which had gone previously unnoticed or seemed too complicated to fix.


The potential of energy savings is beneficial in two ways. Cutting down on energy usage is not only good for business, but good for the environment too. A well-planned and executed data center migration has the power to change an organization’s overall operating environment. These changes can have long-lasting effects on day-to-day efficiencies and overall business process and procedures.

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