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From small businesses to large corporations, Michigan Broadband Services has the communication tools your company needs to find success in today’s market. Our technology can make your company more efficient and profitable. Plus, with our office in Traverse City, you’ll enjoy outstanding local support.

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Common connections and who they best fit. Please note all speeds are synchronized and guaranteed through a dedicated connection.

Pro Fiber 100

100Mbs x 100Mbs

Small Business with 1-10 users

Minimal Cloud applications in use currently

Small office and retail environments

Pro Fiber 500

500Mbs x 500Mbs

Business with 11-50 employees

Intended for businesses who rely on the internet with heavy browsing habits

Staff regularly sends and receives large files, emails or regularly need to stream video.

Has multiple cloud applications in use daily to run, including VoIP phones.



1Gbs x 1Gbs

Business with 50+ employees

Very heavy internet usage where both speed and capacity matter for end users

Companies who operate an ecommerce site, have many IoT devices or have many guest who need browsing access. (Manufactures, Hotels, Stadiums/Venues, data centers)

Supports large VoIP deployments where employees regularly host or attend web and video conference calls with many connections at once.

  • Fiber Options
  • Business Broadband
  • Ethernet WAN
  • SD-WAN
  • Voice
  • Wholesale Services
  • Managed IT Services

Fiber Options

Join other businesses in your area that are benefiting from the Gigabit Speeds Michigan Broadband Services Fiber has to offer!

Michigan Broadband Services provides custom built, fiber-based local access to customer premises. Unlike other providers, Michigan Broadband Services can extend its network to your facility and ensure a true end-to-end solution from a single, facilities-based provider.

  • Fiber is the fastest bandwidth available!
  • Fiber is the most secure network providing you with a private connection
  • Flexible, custom engineered fiber builds to customer premises
  • Special pricing for businesses in Michigan Broadband Services’ Fiber Access Network areas

Learn more about fiber. 

Business Broadband

From small businesses to large corporations, Michigan Broadband Services offers a service option that fits your needs. Michigan Broadband Services provides complete broadband services at the most competitive rates. Other levels of service are available upon request.

Broadband Benefits:

  • Save Time – Higher productivity enabling employees to get more done in less time
  • Reliable – Eliminate transfer errors, and send and receive large data files in a fraction of the time
  • Easy – Conduct real-time meetings via the Internet video conferencing and view high bandwidth Internet streamed video
  • Expand Business – Boost your level of customer service/client relations with instantaneous response times and continuous connections
  • Savings – You won’t be required to make a costly investment in new equipment
  • Support – Our local Internet support team is here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Dynamic Business Broadband

Dynamic Internet connections utilize Dynamic IP addresses; meaning the user accesses a pool of IP addresses shared by other users. A Dynamic IP address is assigned each time a user logs in.

Activities that may be done with a Dynamic IP address:

  • Information gathering on the Internet
  • Sending/receiving large data files
  • Sending/receiving email
  • Viewing training and streaming video on the Internet
  • Making purchases on the Internet

Static Business Broadband

Static Internet connections utilize static IP addresses; meaning users are assigned a specific, unchanging IP address.  Static IP addresses are not shared with any other users and allow users to do additional activities not available to Dynamic IP users.

Applications that may require a Static IP address:

  • Hosting an email server
  • Hosting a web server
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Teleconferencing/Videoconferencing
  • Existing Firewall in place

Michigan Broadband Services Internet Network

Michigan Broadband Services exemplifies reliability and quality within its Internet network. By offering an advanced fiber SONET ring and a backbone consisting of multiple distinct Tier 1 Providers, interruptions are limited, if not eliminated.

Additional Business Internet Services:

  • Business Junk Email Filtering
  • Business Filtered Internet Access
  • Business DNS, Email and Web Hosting

Ethernet WAN Services

Provides high-bandwidth connectivity for site-to-site networks, business continuity, data center, storage, convergence applications, LAN extension and Internet access. Ethernet is extremely cost effective and is simple to implement and support in multi-site environments.

  • Simplify your metro and regional wide area networks using familiar Ethernet services
  • Flexible, scalable, high bandwidth interconnection for today’s real-time applications
  • Use less costly and easier to manage Ethernet-based customer premise equipment (CPE)

Ethernet Switched Service

Ethernet Switched Service is a multipoint service for creating meshed internetworks across numerous sites.

  • Port-based Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC) provides multipoint (any-to-any) or point-to-point services
  • Port speeds: 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps
  • Wide range of EVC speeds available
  • EVC class of service options: best effort, business critical, or voice quality
  • Transparent LAN: customer control of VLANs and layer 2 protocol frames

Dedicated Ethernet

Dedicated Ethernet is a point-to-point service for high bandwidth connections (e.g. to a data center).

  • Dedicated bandwidth between sites
  • Port speeds: 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps
  • Incremental bandwidth: 50, 100, 150, 300, 450, 600 or 1,000 Mbps
  • Completely transparent layer 1 Ethernet connection
  • Designed for business-critical applications

SD-WAN Software Defined Wide Area Network

Provides the latest WAN technology designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses with multi-service and multi-site applications. SD WAN offers a variety of access methods and speeds, plus multiple classes of service, and leverages ubiquitous IP networking to provide flexibility, scalability and ease of use. Whether you have two or multiple sites within your network, Michigan Broadband Services will provide a secure, reliable solution to best maximize your investment towards connecting your business.

How it Works

Michigan Broadband Services SD WAN allows each site to dynamically and transparently communicate with every other site. SD WAN has the ability to differentiate different types of packets across the network by creating labels for each IP packet which allows you to scale and to prioritize traffic across the network.

Business Voice Services

Can you imagine spending a million dollars on a communication system? We did exactly that! Built on the award winning MetaSwitch® platform, MichBBS provides High-­‐Definition Voice services that are complemented by a feature rich suite of companion services like CommPortal® Desktop and Mobile Apps. We call it MBS HostNet™ for Business. These applications provide total control of every conceivable element of how you communicate to your customers, vendors and personnel. Leaving the office? No problem! Receive calls from your office directly on your smart phone. With CommPortal®, facsimile and voice mail can also be reviewed and responded to instantly. Remote offices? Regardless of size, We have your connections™ with seamless four digit dialing to all of your remote locations without geographic restrictions.

MBS HostNet™ is the system that never becomes obsolete, requires no capital investments and provides call services beyond expectation! Innovative and Reliable Service…every customer, every time!

We will earn respect and continued loyalty by offering the widest possible range of services, employing state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art technology, furnishing unparalleled system reliability and providing the highest level of customer and community services available.

Business Voice Services

Michigan Broadband Services excels at engineering custom fiber builds and last mile connections for:

  • Regional and national telecom carriers
  • LECs
  • ISPs
  • Wireless carriers
  • Other service providers

TC Lofts

We were specifically looking for a local company. We'd had frustrations with the big guys. We like having local responsive contacts. Michigan Broadband pulled off the project in crunch time, delivering fiber internet for all of our project residents. Speeds are good and dependable. Michbbs provides great service, is easy to deal with, and has a great services team. Appreciate!

Maggie Laureto
Co-owner, TC Lofts
April, 2019
Bay Area Pool & Spa

"We are so impressed with how quickly we were able to get set up with MBBS. They made it a priority to help us switched our phone and internet services as quickly as possible without interrupting the flow of business. The technician was a huge help. He was efficient and extremely knowledgeable. The customer service is unmatched, and we are so grateful that we were informed of MBBS and what they could do for us."

Allan Gartland
Bay Area Pool & Spa

"We have found Michigan Broadband to be responsive and reliable. They connected us when they said they would, at the speeds they said they would and for the price they said they would. We have not had any trouble with our connection since they day we started with them. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Michigan Broadband.

Russell Schindler
CEO & Founder,
June 2019
Ever After

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for the superior service. I want to point out my favorite thing about your company. I get to speak to a HUMAN! On top of that my service has NEVER been out and you don’t call me every week trying to sell me things I do not need or want. When dealing with Michigan Broadband I have never been put on hold, my needs have always been met, you have even actually checked in on me. Your prices have been unbeatable, your service unlike no other.

Amanda Hammerberg
Owner, Ever After Decorating & Event Center

"Since we switched, we no longer have connectivity issues and all of our vendor security problems have been resolved. We cannot thank MBBS enough for getting us taken care of so quickly and efficiently. For less than our previous provider charged, we are finally happy with our internet and phone services, as well as the customer service we have at our fingertips."

Allan Gartland
Northgate Equipment and Sales
Prometheus Studios

"Highly recommended! The customer service that Sarah and Joe provided were beyond my expectations. I was on a hunt for fiber internet, which is hard to come by in Traverse City, and I had a high profile business project with strict deadlines. Sarah took the time to listen to my scenario and came to the rescue with a rapid solution. Everything worked out seamlessly and quickly. They are extremely professional and were more than accommodating to all of my needs. They are great to work with as they responded quickly to all my questions and concerns. I’m so appreciative of the team at Michigan Broadband. "

Candice Kang
Production Manager, Prometheus Studios

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